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Today i will be out of my general article content and I will talk about a match played in the Italian Men’s Volleyball League.  I will also try to explain some of the features of Italian volleyball , by comparing this with the Efeler League. I think it is possible for you to create an alternative on the television screen for volleyball fans other than our league , because  we have already a league with broadcasting in our country.

In the third week of Series A1, Lube 1-3 won the match between Power Volley Milano and Cucine Lube Civitanova. Although Milano, was the winner of the first two games in the league, it did not score points this competition. I can say that the main factor that brought this out is the difference of the cadre. When assessed from the point of the view of the qualities of the player, the cadre  of Lube is much more dominant. All players in the starting six are world class. This club, which can be counted as one of the locomotives of Italian volleyball already has the title of the last champion of the league.

When I look at the statistics of the match, I want to share the points which caught my attention First, both teams seem to use risky service. Milano 20, Lube 21 made error  service. At the same time, despite the 10 points that Lube received directly from the service, Milano managed to do this only three times. It is precisely here that I have to state that the individual player qualification difference has entered into play. In addition, statistics show us that there are very few simple mistakes. That means that even if you missed a lot of service, it is not possible to score easily. I have to say that although both teams used every offense to kill the ball, I have to say that the winning side made almost half of Milano is a block. The losing side responded with 13 blocks to Lube’s 7 blok. Likewise, the sette that he earned produced 6 blocks. This data shows that Milano is well prepared for the match and  that they  could detected opponent attack zones at high speed. The passer of winner team Christensen has been MVP of competition , but their opponents guess what more or less about how this player directs his team. However, the fact that the number of mistakes in serve receive is high is one of the biggest reasons why Milano is defeated. In fact, the secret star of the competition was Juantorena, who had served with 48% and played with 60% offense percentage.

After commenting on the statistic of the match, when I compare the Serie A and the Efeler League  over this struggle, a fundamental difference is attracting my attention: Number of foreign players. While our teams can keep to three foreign players on the field, Lube used exactly five foreign player with his libero in the match which is played on Thursday. One of the two Italian actors was Cuban-born Juantorena, who took Italian passports for the past year. The number of foreigners directly affect the structure of the leagues.

The second big difference between the leagues that i will talk about, regardless of the match, is the level of competition. When I examined the results, the chart that in front us, shows that the Efeler League is the scene for less competitive matches than Italy. I can express this claim of me with numbers: In 2017-2018 season, 36 of the 36 games played in the Efeler League were played in the fifth set and five tie-breaks were played in 19 of the 19 games played in Serie A1. The power balance between the teams is better than we are. I plan to investigate the reasons for this in the coming days. But for the time being being I can say briefly that, this balance situation is not only depend to the number of foreign players, nor is it completely independent of the number of foreign players.

Finally, according to the feedback I will have about this article, I can say that I can continue Italian volleyball carry to in my field coming periods. I can do more Italian work in case of if it seen necessary interest. I wish to you have pleasant weekend.

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