Why Muslims are not prosperous and developed individually and as a nation.

In broader sense, ways to progress and prosperity are two: Divine way and materialistic way (often called as men-devised).

In the holy Scripture of Islam, the Qur’an, Allah Almighty says that some people desire only for worldly prosperity and they will have it while some people desire prosperity both in this world and the hereafter and they will have it.

By ‘materialistic way’ I mean, a code or system having laws, strategies, procedures and subtleties that must lead to worldly prosperity whether it is unethical, secular and venal or it is fair, social and perfect.
In present era, some of these codes are Socialism, Parliamentary and Presidential Democracies, Secular Revolutions, Capitalism and various religions.
No doubt, by honestly devoting all efforts to these codes, an individual or a nation can achieve prosperity as well as progress. They can become superpowers and rulers. They can have unique technology and weaponry. They can have developed and healthy states.But they will be devoid of the prosperity of the Hereafter because their ‘materialistic systems’ are devoid of the rules, strategies and procedures for the prosperity of the Hereafter.
By ‘Divine way’ I mean, a code having rules, laws, strategies and procedures, devised by the Creator and the Judge (Allah Almighty) of this world and the hereafter, that must lead to the prosperity and happiness in this world as well as in the hereafter.
In present era, the Divine way is only Islam. Neither Christianity nor Judaism because these are rejected by the Judge (Allah Almighty). By honestly devoting all efforts to the divine way, an individual or a nation can have all virtues including power, rule and technology in this world and prosperity in the hereafter.
Now, one can understand easily an enigmatic question:

Why Muslims are not prosperous and developed, although either they struggle hard to learn and implement the materialistic strategies and procedures in their lives or follow commandments of Islam but they are being ruined day by day…

The answer is:

  1. They do struggle but they do not struggle honestly. You see, if they adopt Capitalism, they do not adopt it completely (means either they reject a part of it or ignore some of it). Same they do with Democracy and Socialism. (Voyaging half in the boat and half in the water is not the way to cross the ocean!)
  2.  Again, they do only follow some of the commandment of Islam but they reject some and ignore others. Consequently, they are unable to be powerful, superpower and prosperous. But in history, you can learn that individuals and nations (The Arabs, The Hindustani, the Turks, the Mongols and the Mamlukes) archived greatness, power, unique technology and prosperity in this world and even ruled over those nations and individuals who were following ‘Materialistic ways’ just by adopting the Islam as a whole without ignoring or rejecting a part of it.
  3. There are countless examples that many Muslims as individuals or as families have completely adopted ‘materialistic ways’ and given up on Islam and are prosperous. Some are mayors in England and America. Some are parliamentarians and others are billionaires. Some are elites.But again they are prosperous only in this world. They will be devoid of the prosperity of hereafter. But Islam, the only Divine way, guarantees prosperity, power and peace both in this world and the hereafter.

As Allah says in Holy Qur’an (meaning of Ayah 55 of Sura Nur is mentioned):
Allah has promised those who have believed among you and done righteous deeds (who have adopted and struggled hard to follow the Islam as a whole) He will surely grant them authority (rule and power) upon the earth just as He granted it to those before them and that He will surely establish Islam, the only divine way, which He has preferred for them and that He will end their fear of being subjugated and will give them security (by making them powerful and prosperous).

To gain progress and prosperity An individual or a nation have to choose one way and have to give up on the other way. That’s the only solution..!!

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Ali Shahzad Khokhar Written by:

The writer is a medical student at King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan and a researcher. Email: alishazad999@gmail.com