Solidarity of Kashmir Day

The Kashmir a big stain on the face of united Nation and  a big question in the definition of terrorism by the west:
The oldest disputed area after the independence 1947 in the history of sub continent” the Kashmir conflict” has being the reason of tension and wars between the two nuclear weaponed countries , Pakistan and India.Three major wars has been after the independence in 1948,1965,1999.

Having the total area of 222,236 square kilometers is the peace of heaven on the earth, the beauty of Kashmir is famous all over the world but the real face inside is the kick-up by the atrocities on the innocent by the Indian, converted this beautiful place into a war practice, since seven decades, besides the united Nations resolution 13th August 1948 and 5th January 1949.
If we look the historical background in 1834 Ladakh was conquered and Incorporated into the Kashmir state, then in 1840 Baltistan was conquered and annexed by the Dogras. The valley of Kashmir joined in 1846 when Maharaja Ghulab Singh buy it for Rs7.5 millions from the British India.

In 1935 Gilgit was leased to the British for 60 years and the British terminated the lease in 1947, ponch the state in 1936
Aksai China came under the Chinese control in 1962 following the Sino Indian war.

The resulting line of control 1965 divided old Jammu and Kashmir into four political units.

i.Divided Kashmir (Indian held)
ii.Azad Kashmir (Pakistan occupied)
iii.Northern Area administrated by Pakistan
iv.Aksai Chin controlled by China.

The cruelties of the Indian side, has been humiliated the human rights more than half century, but the United Nations resolution up till now has no effect on the atrocities.

India occupied the Kashmir by militarizing, more then 0.6 million Indian troops are there to control the public ,for every 10 to 15 there is a army man, so you can guess from it how is India has been serious about the area.

The British raaj’s decision was the most controversial in the history of subcontinent division 1947, left the people of the Indo Pak in a miserable, tortured situation, the illusion decision of Kashmir conflict, the pro India nature of British left the Kashmiri Muslims in the hand of the Hindoos, whose nature are full of bigots.

The brutalities are countless, raped, murdered, kidnapped hundred of thousands of innocent our Kashmiri brothers and sisters, more than 1.3 million has been martyred and countless has been injured and thousands has been disabled by the Indian army, no media focus, no kind eyes on the human.

The right of self decision and plebiscite according to the UN resolutions, is just a peace of paper not practically implemented yet, the India has been trying to increase the population of Hindoos in the Kashmir by issuing and allotting domiciles to non-kashmiris, by settling them in Kashmir trying to convert the minorities to majority ,has been ,always the strategy of Indian foreign policy for occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan has always been support the holy cause of Kashmiris brethren, soon very soon Insha Allah Kashmir will get rid of the cruel Indian because Kashmir has been integral part of Pakistan and will be, and never has been part of India and neither will be in any time.

Yaraan e jahan kehtay han Kashmir hay jannat,
Jannat kise kafir ko milee hay na milay gee,

Rizwan Ul Mulk Sahil.
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